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Latest Series: John Pt. 2

1.3.21 | John 14:1-7

Rod VanSolkema

Date: January 3, 2021

Category: Message

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Sermon Application Questions

Rod described the word "troubled" as this intense grief we experience when something we love is taken away. Have you experienced it before? Describe.

Does it help you know that Jesus was experiencing the same grief as the disciples? Why does this matter? Especially when Jesus says - "Do not be sad."

Read 2 Corinthians 1:4-5. Have you experienced the truth of this Text? Describe.

On what basis, according to Jesus are we NOT to be sad? What does it mean to you that Jesus right now is preparing a place for you? According to Revelation 21:1-4, 22:1-5, what kind of place is being prepared? Is this your hope? Or is your hope in the world? Explain.

Sundays: 8:45 & 10:45 AM