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Latest Series: John Pt. 2

11.8.20 | John 11:1-44

Rod VanSolkema

Date: November 8, 2020

Category: Message

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Sermon Application Questions

Read John 11:1-44

Have you ever listened to the lie that when something painful causes you to suffer that it means that God doesn’t love you? Describe this time in your life and how you got through it.

Why do some of us not speak to people about the resurrection offered now and in the future? How can each of us do this with those God has put in our lives?

Rod said that the one that loves the most suffers the most. Do you know how much Jesus loves you given what he has suffered for you? How can this become more of a reality in the day to day of your life?

When something is painful and causes you to suffer, is your reaction more like Mary or Martha?

Sundays: 8:45 & 10:45 AM