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Latest Series: Kingdom Come

5.01.22 | Mark 7:1-23

Rod VanSolkema

Date: May 1, 2022

Category: Message

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Sermon Application Questions

Read Mark 7:1-23 aloud

Why do we feel a need to…
Be right?
Prove ourselves?
Obsess over our image?
Blame others?
Cover up our mistakes?

What are the ways we hide from our sin? Why do we do this?

What does God require of me? Use specific scripture to support your answers.

What man-made rules do I add to what God requires? What elements of my life are pharisaic? How do those man-made rules, that way of thinking or those actions impact how I think about God, His Word, and my relationship with Him? How does that impact how I think about others?

How can I get to the root of my sin?

Of what do I need to repent in order to cleanse my heart, exchange my shame and guilt for Jesus' abundant righteousness?

Conclude with the reading of Psalm 51.

BONUS QUESTION: If the primary purpose of the Crossroads staff is to make disciples and lift you up, what is your responsibility?

Sundays: 8:45 & 10:45 AM